so far so good – so weit, so gut

travelling project in 14 different countries, 2004-06

participatory embroidery and site-specific actions in public space tent of parachute silk, bamboo and aluminium frame, embroidery materials

so far so good was a nomadic travel project. For 18 months I travelled continuously through 14 countries eastwards from Germany, carrying a tent I had sewn out of parachute silk. The dimensions of the tent was based on my own personal space, the area around me when I stretched out my arms. I got involved in local communities of artists and other residents, who collaborated with me in embroidering the tent. Embroidery is a traditional practice connected with everyday life and can be found everywhere in the world. For me, it was a form of interaction which created a visual record of experiences and stories shared by those I met.

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At the same time, the tent became a place for temporary site-specific actions in public spaces, based on the encounters with passers-by. Pitching the tent in different public locations in each country created a situation of contact, exchange and commingling of cultures.

The project had stations: Dresden/ Germany Krczyzowa/Poland Sibiu/ Rumania Budapest/ Hungary Istanbul/ Turkey Teheran/ Iran Hindukush/ Pakistan Bombay/ India Auckland/ New Zealand Melbourne, Darwin/ Australia Jogyakarta/ Indonesia Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia Singapore Hanoi/ Vietnam Dresden/ Germany Berlin/ Germany Usti nad Labem/ Czech Republic