Paralell Encounters

20 collaborative visual urban narratives of Dar es Salam (Tanzania), mixed media framed and street sign, metal, concrete

Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam, 2016

During a residency in Dar es Saalam I worked with more than 20 local inhabitants reacting to the rapidly changing urban structure of this booming city. Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest growing cities worldwide. Many demolitions in the last 10 years and private foreign investment changed the city dramatically, causing it to lose the features and characteristics that gave it its identity. Historic buildings that bear witness to the development of the country from pre-colonial through colonial to post-independence times are vanishing. Looking at Dar es Salaam’s changing cityscapes, I documented the transitions with my camera and invited artists, craftsmen, urbanists and other local residents to react to these photographs. I asked for their visions of the city. Each photograph was altered by one participant using emroidery, painting, collage and a number of new techniques. Together the 20 mixed-media pieces show a multilayered perspective of the cityscape of Dar es Salaam.

In collaboration with:

Masoud Kibwana, Kelvin Chando, Lutengano Mwakisopile, Cloud Chatanda, Gertrude Mtalo & Victoria Peters, Florah Chalya, Meddy Jumanne, Local, Shaziri Movani, John Seleman, Mwegelo Kapinga, Miguel Costales, Asia Sultan, David Kyando, Ramadhani Kakente, Paul Njihia, Amani Abeid, Jan van Esch, Mark Philipo & Selma Stambuli

Pararallel Encounters is part of the project “Urban Narratives” in partnership with Habitat Unit, funded by the TURN fund of the Gernan Cultural Federation Foundation