Mesas (In The Woods)

Mooste, Estonia (2013)

HD Farbe, 3:50 min., Camera: Sasha Kheyfets

During a residency in Estonia I worked with children from the local school in a collaborative video piece. Since my childhood I have been afraid of the woods. Maybe because I grew up in the city my relationship to the forest has never been easy. In Mooste I saw myself surrounded by forest. Estonia is a country of woods, almost 50% of its territory is covered with forest. It was time to challenge my fears. I asked the children to teach me how to talk to the woods. Using their expertise growing up in a village surrounded by forest, they showed me their favourite trees and taught me Estonian phrases. Together we decided that I walk blindfolded and they guide me through the forest to challenge my fears. I remember the feeling of warm hands holding me while I repeated the phrases they whispered into my ears. The video piece documenting our action in the woods became a mysterious witness of our collaboration.


Videostill „Metsas“

In collaboration with Uko Hainsoo, Kati Soomets, Joosep Raik, Heiko Krill, Berit Käos, Kaspar Pau, Merle Värva, Maik Kolats, Markes, Kesa und Marjon Laine

Videostills „Metsas“