Die Geste des Suchens

Die Geste des Suchens, 2013

video installation in collaboration with senior citizens in Berlin

HD-Video, 16:00 min. 2013

Camera: Valentin Albersmann, Archive material: Johanna Brosen, Music: Boris Miller

Voices of: Sefacan Alagöz, Fatme Ali Khan, Rascha El-Daoud, Sara El-Hassan, Ciwan Eksik, Celina Kinnigkeit, Rebecca Miriuta, Ana-Maria Stancioiu und Beqir Vrajolli

The Video work „Die Geste des Suchens“ developed between me and Johanna, an 82-year-old woman living in Berlin Moabit. She showed her Super 8 archive to me that she had not opened in 30 years. The film material was personal memory for her, for me it was historical material: images that I read from my distant perspective which allowed an detached approach to the footage. We decided to collaborate in creating a new video collage using our different perspectives on this footage. I digitized a selection of it and added a soundtrack performed live by young adolescents who interpret the content in their own understanding of this old film material. We recorded Johanna busy in her apartment with the old footage material, sorting it while drinking tea. These actions happen silently in the seclusion of her private home. In the finished video collage they constitute the present overlaid by the reemerging Super 8 fragments creating a dialogue with the past.

SAM_2043 copy

Ausstellungsansicht, Projektraum „Kurt Kurt“ Berlin Moabit

In collaboration with: Johanna Brosien, Fatme Ali Khan, Sara El-Hassan, Rascha El-Daoud, Celina Kinnigkeit, Ciwan Eksik, Beqir Vrajolli, Sefacan Alagöz, Rebecca Miriuta and Ana-Maria Stancioiu.


Videostills „Geste des Suchens“