15×75 hingucken weggucken

15×75 m Hingucken Weggucken

mobile project in 4 neighbourhoods in Hamburg- Wilhelmsburg in collaboration with artist collective Oda Projesi

construction sign, mobile office with minibus, carpet, table, chairs, sewing machine, laptop, printer, posters

Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, 2007

The starting point of this project was a 15 x 75 m wall in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. The wall is part of a seventies-era shopping, parking and residential complex, slated by the city for major re-development. To create a platform for informal discussion about this space and other public spaces in this area. we used the guise of a constuction company connected to the wall. A large construction sign invited residents to visit our company´s mobile office to dicsuss the use of public space, wishes and possibilities for change as well as gentrification process and effects of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in 2013 in Wilhelmsburg.

In the following weeks, we met with residents in four different neighbourhoods. We collaborated to make and distribute posters of the opinions that had been discussed and shared about Wilhelmsburg.

Projektblog: http://15x75m-hinguckenweggucken.blogspot.com/

Diskusssion zwischen der Kuratorin, Oda Projesi und  Nadin Reschke

Link zu Projektblog: http://15x75m-hinguckenweggucken.blogspot.com/
und Wilhelmsburger Freitag: http://www.wilhelmsburgerfreitag.de/projekte_detail.php?pID=4